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Creative signage changes the face of cinema

Cinema is no longer all about the movie; the visual experience is moving beyond the auditorium to stimulate and entertain cinema-goers in all areas of the venue. NEC digital solutions transform the cinematic experience at Showcase Cinemas.

Quick Facts

  • Facility: Showcase Cinemas
  • Vertical: Entertainment, Leisure and Hospitality
  • Integration Partner: Beaver Group
  • Solution:13 x MultiSync® V463 (concession stand), 4 x MultiSync® X555UNS (bar video wall), 4 x MultiSync® V463 (bar video banner), 6 x MultiSync® V463 (box office), 4 x MultiSync® V652 (poster screens), 40 x V Series V463, V552 & V652 displays ('flying' video wall), 13 x V Series (elsewhere in cinema lobby seating and lounge areas)

Luxury cinema brand, Showcase Cinema de Lux, opens its first location in the south as part of Southampton's new Watermark West Quay shopping, dining and leisure complex. The 10 screen state-of-the-art cinema represents a step change in cinema evolution and is the very visual outcome of the operator's strategy to bring the best cinema experience to its customers.

The Challenge

Beyond the all-laser film delivery, Showcase Cinemas continues to impress throughout its venue, investing in digital technology to enrich its customers' entire journey right from entering the lobby. Visitors are immediately struck by the immense overhead video wall display drawing the eye and building excitement as it arches over the foyer space. This is just one element of a campaign designed to entice cinema-goers to dwell longer and enjoy the venue pre- and post-movie as a social destination of choice. The luxurious VIP gallery and bar hospitality area for example, are cozy and comfortable places where you would want to meet your friends for a drink and chat.

Mark Barlow, general manager at Showcase Cinemas UK, confirmed that Showcase is committed to leading innovation in the industry and Showcase Cinema De Lux Southampton is the first cinema of its kind, offering the latest and best in technology, comfort and design. It's the benchmark cinema of the future.

The NEC Solution

Beaver Group designed and installed the complex array of digital technology, partnering with NEC to provide digital concession screens, live box office signage screens, video walls, digital posters as well as a unique 40 screen curved 'flying' video wall in the main foyer using NEC V Series large format displays in different sizes. Beaver Group was challenged with creating this one of a kind installation for the main lobby by Showcase Cinema and its architects, JTDA. In May 2016, Beaver Group began work on the initial concepts for the installation, producing isometric models, concept drawings, 3D renders and test videos. Mounted over 36 feet high in the lobby using a complex steel cable suspension system, the video wall canvas displays content at a massive 8K resolution.

Beaver Group's content management gives the local store manager the ability to manage products and promotions, such as Film Combos (which are a limited time offer) and mark items as sold out or remove items from screen. This central system also allows the head office to maintain and manage products across their entire complex while still allowing local store level updates and changes.

The Results

'This cinema is a testament to the investment that Showcase Cinemas continue to make in providing the very highest quality experience for cinema-goers in the UK. Our whole team are extremely proud to be involved in delivering this unique and amazing project,' states Peter Critchley, managing director, Beaver Group.

'A successful project such as this relies on the seamless co-ordination of the various expert companies involved. We choose to partner with NEC because we can rely on its high quality and reliability, not only in its product but in its service and support provided to us and to our end customer. With large format LCD, projection and LED in its portfolio, NEC's wide range of products means we have no limits to our creativity in designing and implementing our customers' vision .'

Beaver Group installed 21 screens across concession stands, bars and party rooms in the Cinema. The concession stands feature synchronized content running across multiple screens acting as one single canvas.

Running across 6 dedicated screens at the Box Office area, Beaver Group integrated with Showcase Cinemas live ticket data providing real-time show information and ticket availability, which dynamically updates throughout the day.

Displaying across multiple levels and locations at the new Cinema de Lux, poster screens show a blend of Showcase messages, latest film promotions, trailers and concession promotions. In all, a total of 84 NEC digital signage screens are located across all areas of the Showcase Cinema venue.