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Latest Planar LED Display Technology Provides Main Presentation Platform in European UN Headquarters, Along with Unique LED Ceiling Installation

Within the Palace des Nations, the European headquarters of the United Nations in Geneva, Switzerland, industry-leading LED display technology has been implemented to support important business taking place and provide a modern-day link to centuries-old culture. In La Salle Des Emirats (also known as Hall XVII) – which recently was renovated under the auspices of the Permanent Mission of the United Arab Emirates – two Planar LED video wall solutions have been installed. These products are, first, the Planar TVH Series, a fine pitch LED video wall, used as the main presentation platform. Second is the Planar CarbonLight™ CLM Series, a see-through mesh LED display which forms the ceiling of La Salle Des Emirats, in one of the most unique installations of LED displays today.

La Salle Des Emirats was renovated under an agreement whose signatories included UAE representatives, and Mr. Michael Moller, Director-General of the United Nations Office in Geneva. Speaking of the facility, Mr. Moller says, "La Salle Des Emirats now combines functionality and cutting-edge technology, resulting in a design that uniquely merges innovation and cultural heritage very much in line with the spectacular architectural trends that have emerged in the United Arab Emirates over the past years."

Fine pitch LED video wall is main presentation platform

In the front of La Salle Des Emirats, speakers and delegates view information on the main video wall, a 126-array of Planar TVH Series LED video wall displays with a 1.6mm pixel pitch (TVH1.6). With this fine pixel pitch, the video wall delivers a crisp, high contrast image that can range from presentation content to a camera feed.

The video wall delivers a pixel density of 33,488 per square foot (360,000 per square meter). Each LED cabinet has a resolution of 240x180, contrast ratio of 3,000:1, and 800 nits of brightness. A gloss screen ensures excellent viewability under any lighting condition. Further, the Planar TVH Series video wall is bezel-free, so content is displayed fully edge-to-edge for a truly seamless video wall. This presentation canvas maximizes the viewing experience for all viewers in the hall.

The Planar TVH Series reflects Planar's market-leading expertise in developing fine pitch LED video walls with highly advanced features and capabilities, and also in meeting customers' specific needs and objectives. For example, as La Salle Des Emirats is the site of daily delegate sessions and many other meetings throughout the year, it was essential that the main video wall provide the highest level of operational reliability. It accommodates that demand with 24x7 operational capabilities and is equipped with redundant video and power options to ensure continuous operation and a typical lifetime of 50,000 hours.

Lightweight LED solution uniquely accommodate ceiling video wall design

A further sign of Planar's LED engineering innovation was its ability to provide a solution for La Salle Des Emirats ceiling. The one-of-a-kind concept uses a metal structure – housing 437 Planar CarbonLight CLM Series mesh LED displays. They represent the Emirati sky transforming from dawn to dusk in real time like an actual day, from 0900 hours to 2000 hours. The Planar CarbonLight CLM Series LED displays are installed in four quadrants that together depict an endless, limitless and infinite sky. The structure depicts the UAE name in stylistic Arabic calligraphy and is expected to firmly establish the Palais des Nations as a landmark of the UN's European headquarters complex.

The Planar CarbonLight CLM Series with a 10.4mm pixel pitch (CLM10.4) was the preferred choice for the ceiling based, first, on its lightweight carbon fiber material construction. Each thin LED display weighs just 10.6 lb. or 4.8kg, which makes it a perfect solution for ceiling-mounted applications. The displays incorporate easy-to-use bracketry, allowing if necessary, for individual displays to be removed or replaced without disrupting the entire layout. An installation of this type requires exceptional image quality, especially to maintain the ceiling's sky-like feeling. The Planar CarbonLight CLM Series' 10.4mm pixel pitch, as well as its brightness and resolution combine to ensure that the ceiling appears realistic when viewed from the floor.

Technology blends with architecture and UAE's traditional culture

A huge challenge in renovating La Salle Des Emirats was to blend cutting edge technology – provided by the Planar TVH Series and Planar CarbonLight CLM Series – with the carefully crafted interior design reflective of centuries-old culture. The technology needed to respect the traditional culture and values of the UAE and the manner in which the country's delegates conduct business as European United Nations representatives.

It also had to inspire delegates to focus on finding solutions – under the blue Emirates sky – to pressing challenges they face as they meet and interact in this important UN venue.

"We are extremely proud that Planar's LED display products were selected for this prestigious project," says Jennifer Davis, the company's Chief Marketing Officer. "Utilizing the state-of-the-art large presentation video wall, and enveloped by the realistic video ceiling, some of the most impactful global issues around economic growth and humanitarian causes will be discussed here for years to come. It is another example of how Planar's market-leading visualization technologies have been chosen by the world's leading institutions and companies."