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BTX Technologies InfoComm 2010 Preview
Posted on Tuesday, May 4, 2010

BTX Technologies Preview
InfoComm 2010 – June 9-11
Booth C6460

New Innovative Products at InfoComm 2010:

Field-Terminatable HDMI Connector
At InfoComm 2010, BTX will showcase the industry's first field-terminatable HDMI cable-mount male connector. The innovative device allows installers to quickly and easily create custom-length HDMI assemblies of up to 39 feet at resolutions of 1080p, 12-bit deep color. For A/V, home theater, digital signage, or any other application requiring HDMI, the device resolves the issue of fitting a connector through conduit, and eliminates excess cable behind the rack or inside a wall. Compatible with HDMI 1.4, the connector is terminated through the insulation displacement connection (IDC) process, which provides an extremely secure and reliable connection, only requires a blade and a HDMI hand tool, and can easily be accomplished with minimal training or skill.

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Plenum HDMI Assemblies
For schools, hospitals, and government buildings, BTX's new plenum HDMI assemblies allow installers to run a plenum HDMI signal without having to worry about powering a Cat5 transmitter or receiver. Available in lengths of 25, 33, 40, and 49 feet, each assembly features 24AWG oxygen-free, pure copper conductors, triple shielding to reject EMI and RFI interference, and gold-plated connectors. The CMP-certified jacket and Teflon® inner insulators provide the fire protection to run the cables in the walls or air plenums without a conduit.

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BTX 2010 Catalog
Visitors to BTX's booth at InfoComm will be among the first to receive the company's highly anticipated 2010 catalog. The multipage color book contains thousands of products and technical information to save time and money for electronic systems contractors in the A/V, digital signage, broadcast, security, residential, and data markets. The catalog also features expanded product offerings from new and existing vendors.

New Distributed Product Lines on Display at InfoComm 2010:

Quantum Data Handheld Video Test Instruments
Ideal for field and lab environments, Quantum Data's test instruments are essential in diagnosing HDMI interoperability issues during installation setup. The 780 Handheld Test Instrument is a portable multimedia A/V signal generator and analyzer that can quickly test the HDMI digital ports on HDMI 1.3 devices, such as HDTVs, projectors, A/V receivers, etc. The HT-180 Handshake Tester allows installers to identify the root cause of HDMI interoperability problems in a system comprised of two or three devices. These powerful testers provide installers with the tools they need to ensure top-quality installations and are the perfect complement for BTX's wide array of HDMI products.

Yamaha Projectphone Web Conference Microphone Speakers
Yamaha's Projectphone Web conferencing microphone speakers each feature a high-performance echo canceller and noise reduction function to eliminate unwanted ambient sounds and noises, from equipment such as projectors and air conditioners. Simple to operate, users simply connect the devices to a PC with a USB cable, and experience smooth, hands-free communication with no cut-outs or echo. Ideal for telepresence and teleconference applications, the Projectphone allows participants to speak naturally to each other as if in the same room. At InfoComm 2010, BTX will be demonstrating Yamaha's wide-bandwidth PJP-20UR, personal pocket-sized PJP-10UR, and 8-microphone PJP-50USB.

Avio iP-01UE All-in-One DLP™ Projector and Document Camera 
Ideal for business meeting rooms and classrooms, Avio's iP-01UE DLP™ projector features a built-in 3.15-megapixel document camera and short-throw lens. Using the document camera, objects are simply placed on the glass to project a crisp, clear image on the screen. The projector's integrated short-throw lens enables projection onto a large screen from a short distance, up to a 60-inch diagonal screen from four feet away. This allows for more effective presentations in small meeting rooms or classroom where space is limited. For the ultimate in convenience, users can make a presentation without interfacing with a PC. Materials can be created on a computer and stored on a USB memory device, and plugged directly into the projector.

Also Showing at InfoComm 2010:

Soundog® Wireless Tabletop Audio System
Manufactured by Sprox®, Inc., Soundog® is a 4-inch tabletop audio box utilizing wireless technology to allow patrons to hear audio coming from displays stationed around a bar or restaurant. Employing a long-range frequency, the Soundog speaker allows customers to audio surf through eight programs being broadcast simultaneously. While the establishment selects the programming, the customer can control the volume using digital push buttons and an easy on/off volume control on a hand-held unit.

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Exhibio™ Digital Signage
Also on display at InfoComm 2010 is an extremely easy-to-use solution for digital signage: Exhibio™, a hardware/software digital signage and Web-accessible content management system. BTX will be demonstrating the X-Series Digital Signage Engine used to create, integrate, and schedule dynamic content for viewing on displays such as plasma and LCD screens, along with the M-Series Digital Signage Multimedia Player, which lets users showcase a multimedia playlist on a full screen and easily show video, pictures, RSS feeds, HTML, Adobe® Flash®, database integrated content, and other forms of media.