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BTX Technologies Content & Communications World/HD World 2011 Preview
Posted on Wednesday, September 28, 2011

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BTX Technologies Preview Content & Communications World/HD World 2011 Oct. 12-13 | New York Booth 856

BTX Technologies, Inc. 5 Skyline Drive Hawthorne, NY 10532 USA

BTX Technologies Contact: Mark Chernoff Director of Marketing and Strategic Sales Tel: +1 (914) 592-1800 x344 Email: Website:

Agency Contact: Veronica Esbona InGear PR Tel: +1 (954) 392-6990 Email:

BTX Products on Display at Content & Communications World (CCW)/HD World 2011:

BTX PRO Plate and Panel Designer Software

At CCW/HD World 2011, BTX will demonstrate the latest version of its free software solution, which makes it easier than ever for system designers to order and configure the company's professional line of wall plates and panels. BTX is now offering new custom options in addition to standard anodized aluminum wall plates and panels. The latest version of the company's free software allows customers to select from a variety of options, including:

- Laminated aluminum color wall plates: Available in white, black, red, green, blue, and yellow, and in 1-, 2-, 3-, 4-, 5-, and 6-gang configurations.

- Formed anodized aluminum plates: Thicker and more durable than other solutions on the market, only the edges of the new formed plate bevels are flush with the wall, making them ideal for uneven surfaces.

- Anti-bowing flanged heavy-duty panels: Even when punched with the maximum number of cutouts, the new black, 1/8" thick, one-piece bent flanged panels have the extra strength needed to eliminate bowing when attaching or removing cables.

BTX's ordering and configuration application is so simple that anyone can start using it within a matter of minutes -- from an administrator to an engineer. Here's how it works for users:

- Download the free BTX Pro Plate and Panel Designer software

- Drag a wall plate or rack panel from BTX's symbol library

- Start designing and configuring. Users will find all the popular connectors from manufacturers such as Neutrik(R) and Switchcraft(R), in addition to BTX's own award-winning connectors, in an easy-to-navigate menu. They simply drag-and-drop their choices to the desired spot on the plate or panel

- Following configuration, users may add optional engraving if desired

- Approve the price shown in real time on the screen - Print the proof and click "Enter" to complete the order The latest version of the plate and panel software solution is now available for free download at

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AFL Fiber Optic Solutions

BTX's fiber offering now includes AFL fusion splicers and cleavers, test equipment, kits, and fast-terminating connectors designed to meet the challenges posed by today's fiber networks. AFL products highlighted at CCW/HD World 2011 will include:

AFL Fusion Splicing Kits:
- FSM-11S: Features SpliceMate(TM), the world's smallest and most portable splicer

- FSM-18S: A low-cost, fixed V-groove, single-fiber fusion splicer

- FSM-60S: Splices a fiber in nine seconds

Fast-Terminating, Field-Installable Connectors:
- FAST(TM) connectors: Feature a proven mechanical splice technology that ensures precision fiber alignment

- FAST connector tool kit: Provides all the installation tools required for fiber preparation in one carrying case

- FuseConnect(TM) splice-on connectors:
Feature a unique design comprised of just four components

Test Equipment:
- C860 QUAD OTDR and Certification
Test Set: Reduces certification and OTDR costs by up to 50 percent

- C880 Certification Optical Loss Test Set: Features the new AFL Touch and Test(TM) intuitive visual user interface;

- M200 OTDR: Rugged, handheld OTDR for testing single- or multimode fiber networks

- SMLP 5-5 Loss Test Kit: Stores files and organizes data for uploading to a PC

- OFS 300 Optical Microscope: Offers precision 200x magnification - HiLite Visual Fault Locator: Quickly locates defects in single- or multimode fiber optic cable - One-Click Cleaner: Easy-to-use option for cleaning fiber connectors

ProBlox(R) and ProBlox-D(R) All-in-One Connector Systems
The ProBlox(R) multiconnector system is a cost-effective solution for bundling numerous signals, combining 16 coax and 26 audio/data/control contacts in one connector. This configuration allows for fast and simple set-up and tear-down in applications such as remote broadcasting, fly-packs, rental, rack staging, corporate settings, podiums, and more, saving both time and money in the field. ProBlox is field-terminatable and custom configurable for numerous combinations. It can be used anywhere HDTV, video, VGA, analog/digital audio, control signals, or DC power needs to be fed to a single location. Built of rugged and durable components, and offering true 75-ohm video contacts for an HD signal, the ProBlox system reduces the number of individual connectors, eliminating clutter and offering a clean, professional, finished look.

BTX's ProBlox-D(R) all-in-one connector system is the A/V industry's first to incorporate multiple data, HD video, audio, and control signals in a single connector. The system contains two Cat 5e connectors along with 16 HD video and 18 audio and control contacts -- all field-terminatable. The addition of the Cat 5e components takes advantage of all the signals, including HDMI, DVI, and VGA, that can now effectively be run over one or two Cat 5e cables.

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BTX Broadcast Lines
BTX is the source for the industrys premier broadcast lines like Belden, Kings, ADC, Switchcraft(R), Neutrik(R), and more. BTX also features the broadest selection of signal processing devices in the industry. Featured manufacturers include Atlona, Gefen, Luxi, and many more.

Company Overview:
BTX Technologies, Inc. is the premier manufacturer and value-added distributor of professional-grade products used throughout broadcast, digital signage, A/V, control, and security systems. Celebrating its 44th anniversary, BTX, a CTS Certified company, combines award-winning, cutting-edge solutions with unmatched technical knowledge and customer service to bring innovation and value to its customers. Call 800-666-0996 to request a free catalog or visit BTX at

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