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BTX ProBlox-D® Makes the Grade for Connecticut’s Regional School District Number 14
Posted on Monday, April 9, 2012
BTX ProBlox-D® Makes the Grade for Connecticut’s Regional School District Number 14

 All-in-One Connector System Enables Plug-and-Play Video Production System for Students at Nonnewaug High School


HAWTHORNE, N.Y. — April 9, 2012 — BTX Technologies, a value-added distributor and manufacturer of interface, integration, and system products, today announced that its ProBlox-D® all-in-one connector system is being utilized by Regional School District Number 14 in Woodbury, Conn., in a new meeting room for its Board of Education. Located in the library of Nonnewaug High School, two ProBlox-D systems enable quick and simple setup of the space’s mobile video production system. DNR Integrated Systems based in Oakville, Conn., designed the mobile system — operated exclusively by high school students — to broadcast Board of Education meetings on public access television.


“For District Number 14, DNR created a plug-and-play mobile system that students simply roll out of a closet and set up with one easy connection to the wall for all signals — video, audio, and CATV,” said Don Gamsjager, lead designer of DNR Integrated Systems. “To accomplish this, we utilized two complete BTX ProBlox-D systems — custom fabricated by BTX to our specifications. One ProBlox-D system is mounted in a library wall, the other is mounted in the mobile video cart.”


The ProBlox-D all-in-one connector system is the A/V industry’s first to incorporate multiple data, HD video, audio, and control signals in a single connector block. The system contains two Cat 5e connectors, 16 HD video, and 18 audio and control contacts — all easily field-terminatable. The addition of the Cat 5e components takes advantage of all the signals, including HDMI®, DVI, and VGA — that can be effectively run over one or two Cat 5e cables.


In the Board’s meeting space, all cameras, ceiling speakers, and tabletop microphones are wired to the ProBlox-D connector mounted to the wall. In addition, an analog audio mixer, video switcher, camera controller, small graphics generator, small video wall, DVD burner, and CATV modulator are wired to the mobile cart’s ProBlox connector. To utilize the sophisticated system, students need only wheel the cart out from the closet and make one connection from the cart to the wall — a process that takes less than one minute.


“With ProBlox-D and BTX’s ability to customize its solutions, we were able to design a very complex system that is so simple to operate, even freshmen high school A/V students can use it with minimal training,” added Gamsjager. “District 14 and Nonnewaug High School have been very happy with the system’s plug-and-play capabilities, and the technology director has also been impressed with the reliability and durability of the ProBlox-D connectors. Every connection that has been made has been by a high school student, and thanks to the design of the ProBlox-D, there has yet to be a problem.”


“When DNR told me that only one connection plugged into a custom wall plate would control all the cameras, speakers, and microphones, I never expected it to be as simple as it sounded —but it was,” said Paul J. Ciotti, director of network operations and technology for Regional School District Number 14. “In the past, students were never very enthusiastic about working with our AV carts, as most of their time was spent on cable layout and the break-down of equipment at the end of an event. However, they are very eager to work with this new system — more often than not, I have more students than required to run a two-hour board meeting. It’s very satisfying to see this, and gratifying to know they are gaining experience using state-of-art equipment featured in actual production studios.”



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