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Upgrade your small-screen cinema to the Christie CineLife+™ CP2409-RBe DCI-compliant projector for enhanced laser phosphor illumination. Our new CineLife+2K™ electronics are designed specifically for
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Laser projectors light up new water show in Yinchuan
Posted on Monday, January 29, 2024
Laser projectors light up new water show in Yinchuan

NINGXIA, China – Christie® HS Series 1DLP® laser projectors are elevating the new light and water show at Ningxia Yinchuan Cultural City to new heights with an array of fascinating visuals inspired by the phoenix, an immortal bird that’s become the icon of the city.

Located in the Ningxia Hui Autonomous Region in northwest China, this Phoenix-themed nighttime performance is positioned to become a hallmark performance in this region, which underscores Yinchuan city’s commitment to artistic excellence and cultural significance. The light and water show combines authentic environments and innovative storytelling with cutting-edge technology to deliver a breathtaking spectacle.

At the heart of the “Phoenix dance of Yinchuan” water show are five Christie D20WU-HS 1DLP® projectors, each boasting an impressive 20,600 lumens, which bring vibrant projections to life on the water screen. They were installed by Jianye Display, Christie’s trusted partner in Southern China, which has a wealth of experience in various projects spanning cultural tourism, corporate and government installations. Jianye Display played a pivotal role in this project by overseeing projection and systems designs, as well as managing on-site construction and commissioning.

“The centerpiece of this aquatic spectacle is the striking water screen projection at this musical fountain that has contributed significantly to the nighttime allure of Yinchuan,” said Huazong Dong, technical supervisor, Jianye Display. “The D20WU-HS projectors played a pivotal role in this endeavor, thanks to their remarkable attributes such as high brightness output, excellent color reproduction, compact footprint and omnidirectional capabilities. The vivid projections, synchronized with the rhythmic dance of water jets and uplifting music, beautifully paints the city in an ethereal glow after dark.”

With water columns reaching heights of up to 15 meters, the show is a living embodiment of the overarching theme, “Return to Phoenix City,” transforming the Diannong River into a canvas for a mesmerizing phoenix-themed performance that captivates audiences with a harmonious blend of water jets, high tech projection, show lighting, and music.

Dong noted that the five Christie D20WU-HS projectors equipped with telephoto lenses were fitted in weatherproof enclosures mounted on vertical poles, and positioned along the shore of the Diannong River. From this location, the projectors were able to display vibrant images measuring 90 meters wide and 12 meters high on the water screen. Additionally, the ChristieNET™ Master Display Controller was used to remotely monitor the equipment status in real time to ensure the stable operation of the performances.

In a departure from traditional light and water shows, “Phoenix dance of Yinchuan” boasts a clear and diverse narrative that has garnered unanimous acclaim from audiences. Dong added, “Unlike conventional shows that often rely on repeated combinations of various elements, this innovative spectacle presents a clear and well-defined portrayal of its core theme. Here, the convergence of culture, technology, and creativity gives rise to a performance like no other.”

April Qin, senior director of sales for China, Enterprise, Christie, commented, “Witnessing our D20WU-HS projectors bring the ‘Phoenix dance of Yinchuan’ light and water show to life is a testament to the transformative power of technology and creativity. Collaborating with our trusted partner, Jianye Display, we’ve not only illuminated the night skies of Yinchuan but also elevated the city’s cultural legacy. This compelling project exemplifies the brilliance and innovation that define our commitment to delivering unparalleled visual experiences.”