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LG Electronics, U.S.A - 43UH5N-E
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43UH5N-E 43" UHD Standard Signage Display

Model: 43UH5N-E

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High Resolution Display: 

It offers a resolution that is four times higher than FHD, satisfying customers visually. Additionally, the anti-glare coating on the screen reduces screen reflection in bright lighting environments, increasing visibility and legibility, providing customers with a comfortable screen.

Convenient webOS Platform: 

The UH5N-E is equipped with a high-performance SoC that allows for multiple tasks to be performed without a separate media player. The webOS platform provides app development tools with an intuitive UI that enhances user convenience, enabling easy connection with external sensors and webOS partner apps to create an SI-friendly environment.

Stylish interior with Art Frame: 

Enhance the sophistication of your space with the Art Frame featuring bezels accessories, providing a artistic touch to the UH5N-E for a more refined interior. Bezels accessories empower customers to utlize their UH5N-E to seamlessly blend with their interior, transforming it into a chic decorative centerpiece.

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