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NOVA Solutions gets creative with their multi-purpose training environments
Posted on Thursday, February 19, 2015
NOVA Solutions has been providing technology furniture solutions for multi-purpose training environments since 1988. Over that time the company has significantly expanded and now works directly with a wide range of different corporate clients to provide cutting edge technology, integrated options and solid craftsmanship above all else. These clients include but are not limited to such prestigious organizations as Cimarex Energy out of Denver, CHS Petroleum, Houston Methodist Hospital, Xerox and more. NOVA Solutions has seen a great deal of success by getting creative with the types of solutions that they're providing for multi-purpose training environments and has been able to maintain its reputation for providing practical, economical and highly functional solutions to industries of all types.

What Are Multi-Functional Training Environments?

Multi-functional training environments are exactly what the name suggests — rooms that can be used for multiple purposes. One of the things that makes NOVA Solutions more than just a furniture manufacturer is the ways in which it can integrate the best that modern technology has to offer with the craftsmanship provided by laminate products. Multi-functional environments are ideal when space is limited within an organization.

A group should have to choose between putting in a new testing center or a lecture hall when they can have both under the same room with a multi-functional environment. These options not only provide one room that is ideal for a number of purposes, but it also saves clients money and gives instructors every last tool that they need to do their job in the most effective way possible.

The Trolley Monitor Lift

One innovation that NOVA Solutions has created is the Trolley monitor lift, which is a device that allows monitors to be elevated depending on the situation. With a single press of a button, a monitor can be raised or lowered at will — either making it available to the work surface or freeing up the line of sight of the instructor for a more intimate teaching environment.

The NOVALinked System

Another major advancement that NOVA Solutions has incorporated is the NOVALinked system, which gives the instructor in a multi-functional environment complete control over lifts at all times. Student monitors can be locked in the "up" or "down" position at a moment's notice — all from the instructor's desk or lectern. The lock can even be disabled when an environment turns from a lecture hall into a computer lab, allowing students free reign over their use.

The NOVALinked system can be incorporated directly into an AMX, Crestron or other controller that is mounted in a custom A/V lectern. The NOVALinked system can also control all audio and video systems, lights, air conditioning, blinds and more. It was designed to give the instructor complete control over all aspects of the room at all times.

The Downview

The Downview is a system that is designed to keep computer monitors recessed beneath a work surface. Not only does this create an unobstructed field of view for both students and instructors, but it also helps keep desktops completely free of clutter. Research has shown that these work extremely well in testing environments, for example, making it significantly harder for one student to look at the screen of another.

The Benefits

All of these advancements were designed for a single purpose: to benefit both instructors and students at all times. Teachers have been able to mesh these solutions effortlessly into lesson plans, for example, allowing them to both lecture and go over slides and quickly transition into quizzes and group breakout sessions with the help of the monitors.

Multi-functional environments are ideal for both versatility and efficiency. They can also free up a significant amount of money for additional infrastructure, renovations and more. Multi-functional environments work great in educational settings, but they aren't limited to the classroom — the Department of Veterans' Affairs, the CIA, the FBI and even the House of Representatives have all experienced the benefits that NOVA Solutions has to offer.