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SMART Technologies Inc. is a world leader in simple and intuitive classroom technology solutions. We are an innovator in software and interactive technologies that enable natural collaboration, helping every student and teacher discover and develop their greatness. To learn more, visit

Model: M465-V5-P

The TAA-compliant SMART Board® M Pro high secure series TAA is an interactive display that turns any content on a PC into an engaging experience without ever sacrificing reliability.
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New SMART Response™ PE enhances growing product line
Posted on Wednesday, January 13, 2010

New model supports increased demand for interactive response systems

CALGARY, Alberta --- January 13, 2010 --- SMART Technologies announces that SMART Response PE interactive response system will replace SMART Response and make text answers a standard feature on its remotes (clickers). The new model is both dynamic and flexible, and is targeted at primary and secondary education. Students can use the multitap text entry feature to submit short text answers of up to 20 characters. All software in the SMART Response product line integrates seamlessly with SMART Notebook™ collaborative learning software and enables teachers to easily add questions to interactive lessons. SMART Response PE supports 22 languages, and as many as 60 remotes can be supported up to a distance of 100 feet (30 meters) in a single classroom.


Using SMART Response PE in the classroom enables teachers to create quizzes and tests for formative and summative assessment or to ask spontaneous questions to gauge students’ comprehension at any point during a lesson. All questions are automatically graded or assessed, and results can be instantly displayed, providing students with immediate feedback and allowing teachers to adjust their approach as necessary. To support full use and integration of the product, teachers also have access to several thousand questions, correlated to regional and learning authority standards, via the SMART Exchange™ online community ( More information on SMART Response PE and the SMART Response product line can be found at


“For teachers, receiving accurate and timely feedback that helps them gauge student understanding is an important component in creating and maintaining an optimal learning environment,” says Nancy Knowlton, SMART’s CEO. “The new SMART Response PE and our continued development of this category ensure that teachers in a wide variety of learning environments will have the right assessment tools to meet student needs.”


Text-enabled – Accepts open-ended text answers of up to 20 characters with multitap text entry

SMART product integration – Ensures full integration with SMART Notebook software so teachers have access to quick and simple assessment options without having to leave SMART Notebook software

Instant results – Graphing features and real-time updates that provide clear visual representation of student responses, students yet to respond and speed of responses

Radio frequency technology – Handheld remotes that interact with the receiver up to 100 feet (30 meters) away

Support for multiple question types – Supports a variety of question types, including multiple choice, true or false, numeric response, multiple answer and short answer allowing for greater variety in quizzing

Quick view icons – Quick view of SMART Response’s signal strength, battery life and available networks, ensuring optimal functionality at all times  

Easy-to-replace batteries – Two easy-to-replace AA batteries, which power each student device

Ergonomic design – Remotes designed specifically for student use; may be held in the left or right hand or rested on a desk and operated with either hand, ensuring barrier-free use for all students

International language support – Support for 22 languages, including Arabic, Simplified Chinese, Czech, Danish, Dutch, English (U.S. and UK), Finnish, French, German, Greek, Hungarian, Italian, Polish, Norwegian, Portuguese (Brazil), Portuguese (Portugal), Russian, Spanish (Spain), Spanish (Mexico), Swedish and Turkish