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Environmental Responsibility
Posted on Friday, February 1, 2013


In August 2010, Spectrum Industries achieved the prestigious Indoor Advantage certification from Scientific Certification Systems. This certifies compliance with rigorous indoor air quality emission requirements. Besides qualifying for LEED projects, Spectrum products provide safer and healthier work environments for students, workers, and other product users.



The United States General Services Administration (GSA) annually presents the Evergreen Award to recognize industry efforts in recycling, affirmative procurement and waste reduction. Spectrum Industries was honored to receive the GSA Evergreen Award for its commitment towards the pursuit of environmental sustainability through proactive waste prevention, material recovery and recycling, environmentally conscious product design and procurement and being a model facility for our community and our industry.



Spectrum’s corrugation production system reduces waste by manufacturing the packaging materials on demand. By creating the packaging materials as they are needed, we eliminate obsolescence, excess inventory, and material costs. When customers use Spectrum-employed installers, corrugation and packing materials are returned to our packaging system and reused . Also, large orders of popular products are bulk packaged to significantly reduce the amount of corrugated packaging material used on an order.



Spectrum operates an environmentally conscious paint line and cleaning preparation wash system. The line operates at room temperature and thus eliminates the need to heat the wash solution, saving considerable energy. With the wash system, any excess cleaning solution is captured, filtered and recycled so that it can be reused. No water is mixed in, used in the process, or disposed of. This eliminates a waste-water phosphorus discharge that had once averaged 1500 lbs per year. The cleaning solution itself contains no CFCs, HAPs, HHCs, aromatics, chrome or ozone depleting substances.



Earth Day at Spectrum Industries means so much more than cleaning the grounds at our two plant facilities for one day of the year. What started out as an annual event for a handful of employees has now evolved into a continuous effort by our workforce. Environmental programs are now in place to ensure protection and sustainability for not only our facilities, but also for the surrounding wetlands.



Post-manufacturing hardwood trimmings, particle board, agriculture board, and corrugation waste material are ground into a reusable fiber material. This material is widely used in the Agriculture industry as animal bedding because its absorbency and value as a compost material. Spectrum's primary recipient of the reusable fiber material, Five Star Dairy in Elk Mound, WI, feeds the composted material through a digester system, which creates biogas energy. The anaerobic digesters provide the Dairyland Power Cooperative (DPC) with a competitively priced renewable energy source in their service territory. The biogas reduces the cooperative’s reliance on traditional fossil fuels while providing support to its distribution network.



With intelligent product design, our product developers employ virtual prototypes to reduce energy and materials. We design products with environmentally conscious materials to maximize raw material utilization and limit scrap/waste. Throughout our raw material specification and procurement process, Spectrum Industries identifies materials and suppliers that allow the company to manufacture new and existing products from recycled or recyclable material.



As detailed above, Spectrum Industries is committed to positively impacting the world’s environment. Spectrum will continue to pursue improvements through proactive waste prevention material recovery and recycling, environmentally conscious product design and procurement and by being a model facility. A commitment to environmental sustainability is not an initiative that can be completed like many corporate ta